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How does it Work?

Our selection of machine options is based on two main factors: the dimensions of your building’s entry and our ability to fit the machines within those dimensions, as well as the type of products you prefer, whether it’s snacks, beverages, or a combination of both. Please find below the available machine choices.

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Enjoy a wide range of premium vending options.
Satisfy your cravings with our high-quality products

Coin Operate Automatic

Convenience at your command. Discover a diverse selection of products available instantly with our coin-operated vending machines.

Auto Face Mask Vending

Stay protected with ease. Access a wide selection of high-quality face masks instantly from our automated vending machines.

Noodle Cups

Noodle Cups Vending Machine brings the ultimate convenience of hot and delicious noodle cups on demand.

Sandwich Orders

Freshly made, customized sandwiches delivered in seconds. Skip the wait and savor a hassle-free, on-the-go meal.

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